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NEVS Charging Delivery & Fleet Support - 

Bridging gaps with top-tier service

for events and fleet electrification.

Anticipating a surge of electric vehicles at your forthcoming event? Or navigating the transition to an electrified fleet and looking for a seamless interim solution? We've got your back. Our specialized service ensures that every electric vehicle, whether attending an event or part of your transitioning fleet, remains optimally charged.


Tailored Charging for Every Occasion

  • Adapt our charging services to fit any event, from intimate gatherings to grand occasions.

  • While awaiting permanent EV infrastructure or contemplating a long-term installation, businesses can experience immediate EV charging benefits with our flexible solution.

30 km

Driving range from

10 min of charging

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EV Conventions

Car Lot_edited.jpg

EV Fleet

Transition Assistance

Ice Hockey Match_edited.jpg

Sporting Events

Music Festival_edited.jpg


Music Festival_edited.jpg

Other Large Events

Contact for any inquiries

We provide services in Metro Vancouver only.

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